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(English) 3 Reasons why Branding is smashing it!


1.  It’s all about the story

It’s all about the story you tell and the message you are trying to convey to the people around you, may they be clients, customers, employees or even yourself. It is the mission of the company and goes beyond colors, logo, business cards and website.It is ultimately how you communicate your message, how you answer the question “Why do you exist?”

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3.Branding goes with a Strategy

How you are going to structure your message is entirely up to you, and at times the most difficult thing companies face is getting the recipe right. Since storytelling resonates with the emotional part in us, you must come from a point of authenticity and emotional appeal, while maintaining at the same time a fine balance between science and psychology that have been proven to work. Attune yourself to the environment and the times. In fast paced environments, where everything changes at a rapid pace, branding is your only arsenal to gain attention, and the weapons to choose are plenty: logos, packaging, websites, content everything must be consistent. The problem we face is that sometimes even the biggest brands are inconsistent. Most people get dissatisfied when they watch a film and the story has ” plot holes” i.e. it is inconsistent and not well thought out. The same can happen to companies. Although studies and methodologies looking deeper into the evolution of branding and its adaptability to change, it is safe to say that your target audience will feel cheated if you try to say one thing now and later, you do something opposite. It is hard to adapt that fast to change, especially change that occurs at the frenetic speed in today’s world.

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2.  Branding is not happening overnight

Branding is a process and needs good planning, thought and execution. You get it right, you might get a chance to survive in the ultra-competitive world of business, you get it wrong and you are doomed to follow the statistic. It is often wise to think of it as the fundamental step that needs to be taken before you do anything else. It is not necessarily bad to invent things on the go, and there should be always room for experimentation, but if you do not know the what, why and how you are going to make a compelling story from it, then the chances of success are slim.

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How does it all work?

The hardest thing with all human endeavors is the beginning. The questions ” Where do I start?” and “How?” always pop into our heads. Brand building should be the rule of thumb. It is a priority, and if you are unfamiliar with the process or the tools used, then you come to us, because that is the reason why we exist: to help business build their brand identity and brand personality and stand out from a crowd that’s full of faceless and unoriginal brands. We want to help you find your voice, your uniqueness and create your own story to tell the world.