5 ways to build your own brand


By José Manuel Malbec L.


Building a brand from the ground up that stands out is no easy task. These are questions that inevitably come up when you start thinking about how to connect the dots between what you’re selling and who you’re trying to reach.


“What should it look like?”

“How should it make people feel?”

“Will it resonate with my target audience?”


Whether you’ve got nothing but a business idea or want to pivot your existing brand, here’s everything you need to know about building a strong identity for your business.



1-. Your brand needs to define your own style


Branding is all about attitude. That’s the reason why your brand needs to be exactly what represents you.

It’s not on your business card, what you tell people about yourself, or what others say about you. It’s how you contact the world. In other words, your own style.



2-. Manage your skills with an example


You have to remember that there is a multitude of tasks when you are creating a new brand. As a designer or illustrator you have to sell yourself to clients through the skills you possess, helping them articulate their message in the most effective way possible. Having a good portfolio of your own projects can display your skill set to potential clients and help you acquire new projects.

Personal projects not only highlight your abilities and expertise, but also make you more attractive to agencies and brands, as both are excited to work with those who have been able to make their (point of view) talent stand out.


 3. It is never too late. Start Now!


Don’t let your ideas gather dust in the back of your mind. Start your brainstorming now! It is never late to do what you want.

Maybe you are thinking ‘somebody could do this or that…’, when you should be thinking “that somebody has to be me”



4. Do not over think your projects


If you have an idea and impetus to go forward, follow through with that energy. It is easy for ideas to fall behind. Somebody has an idea, there is excitement and the people think so much about it that it dies. The great thing about self-directed work is no one can think your project to death. Simply start doing it.





5. Just say what you think


When you are building a new brand, you can easily get confused in the process. You might start thinking that your ideas are worthless. Stop it. Forget your inhibitions. If walk and talk boldly, others will follow you and your voice will be heard. Never be afraid!